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Washer Extractor

Efficient drum action

        The frequency-controlled motor helps ensure quality by providing flexibility in the drum action, such as an extra gentle wash for delicate garments. Efficient extraction sequence that minimizes water and energy consumption is an additional benefit.

Fast & effective water extraction

Our washer extractors provide high G-Force extraction that ensures high water removal capacity. Less water in the garments when the cycle is complete means less time and energy needed in the drying and finishing process.

Automatic Detergent Despencive

Our machines are prepared for manual dosage of powder detergents, connection to a system for liquid injection, or a combination of both. Signals for additional supply of detergents are also available

Perfectly balanced drum assembly

The drum assembly on our high-spin models rests on heavy steel springs and shock absorbers. This ensures a perfect balance for low noise and smooth operation. Robust industrial ball bearings and gaskets ensure long life.